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Welcome friends and dubbers! This webpage is....about my car. It's not meant to be anything else, and its here because getting image hosting for forums is lots of trouble...

This site is also very much a WIP, so dont be alarmed at things that look bad, links that dont work etc etc...

If you know me personally, you probably know my car, and you probably know all I do is talk about my car. Well, I figured maybe now instead of yapping on all the time, I'll just tell you to look up my website, and then you have an easy way out (because of course you'd never actually visit it...but then, you wouldnt read this....hmmm.) Well, anyway...

My Car

So what is it?

Its a Golf. AKA Rabbit, Jetta, Cabriolet, Caddy.

some techy stuff....

  • 1471cc Inline 4-cyl indirect inection Diesel
  • 4-speed manual
  • Custom 2" exhaust with 2"straight through muffler and 2" stainless steel flex joint
  • Homemade Custom aluminium mesh grille
  • Homemade Custom aluminium front "duckbill" spoiler
  • Black painted interior
  • Home respray VW LP6N Carribean Green enamel.
  • Homemade Custom timber rear parcel shelf. (Thanks Dad)
  • My own designed and manufactured lower stress bar.(Thanks Dominic)
  • 13x5.5" CSA Globe Aussie made wheels with 175/70R13 (not huge but practical)
  • Home-fitted 2x 5.25" 3-way front speakers in doors and 6" in rear parcel shelf.
  • NEW MODS -
  • King lowering springs in the rear
  • totally re-upholstered dash
  • custom interior door panels
  • 6x9 inch rear speakers and 4 inch midrange/tweeters
  • 80mm airbox intake modification
  • advanced timing

the list grows and grows....

More pictures? Sure, heaps, Click on the link above - Photo Page....

OK, so why do i like my car enough to write a website about it?

Well, there are a lot of reasons. VW's are in my blood - no, I'm not German, but my Grandad has had VW's, so has my dad, and now me. Grandads Homebuilt Jodel D18 has a built up Beetle engine in it. Dads had.....3 Kombies and 1 Golf. One of the Kombies was Grandads. (We still have it - its returing to the earth, being consumed by Blackberriys near our creek, sob).

Me? First car. Bought it as a semi rusty out of rego car, was skip bin green and had hail damage. But, the engine was good, well, it was ok.

Spent the better part of a year going through various states of depression and excitement as i worked to bring her up to roadworthyness - new exhaust mounts, respray, interior overhaul, new seatbelt or two, some rust repairing and windscreen repairs, door fixing, panel straightening...but all of that pales in comparison to the mountain of electrical heartache this car has caused me.

True, the fusebox is original, and now 25 years old. But some questionable previous work left everything from headlights to windscreen wipers completely out of operation. Suffice to say, i havnt afforded the extra to buy a new fusebox, but with a heck of a lot of persistence and help from my equally persistant and patient Dad, everything works now.

So, i got her on the road. Like any P-plater, all i wanted was a CD player to listen to, and my wonderful parents got me one straight off for my birthday - Anyway, soon this wasnt enough....I began planning all kinds of mods - Mah wheels, new exhaust, bla bla bla....

Then, in a moment of teenage idiocy, I pranged the car. I wont go into too much detail, but i ended up needing another wheel, lower control arm and I did some more respraying and panel straightening. It was a stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid stupid thing to do, and I still cringe at the place where it happended. THe car has never quite been the same - I dont think its really been damaged, its just the feeling I have that its been hurt, and somehow, it resents me for it.

Anyway, it gave me an excuse to make changes, spend money on her that I really only barely had, and more importantly, be forever more extra careful with my wonderful little Golf. I soon enough sourced a set of 13x5.5" alloys, and for a happy had a set of 4 (unfortunately not 5). Why not bigger wheels? Well, 13" is practical, tyres are a lot cheaper. 5.5" rims are wide enough for a Golf in this range, its no rocket, and without a full coilover set, the tyres wouldn't be limiting it that much anyway.

I soon found that somwhat conveniently to my plans, the exhaust was at the end of its life too, despite some decent patch up efforts. At a quoted for a new factory spec system, I opted for a custom 2" system for , gained slightly in perfomance, and in the hearing loss department - but that's finally driven me crazy and I'm getting a resonator put in in a couple of weeks. It was around this time I forked out another for new front shock absorbers, and descovered that my little prang had infact bent one of them. I was also surprised to note that i pulled the original shocks out of the Mcpherson struts, after 260,000kms. Had one not been bent, I probably wouldnt have needed to, they were still ok really.....

Brakes became a point of interest for me around then too, and new linings and pads were put on, well needed. Also, a front wheel bearing, and a tie rod.

All that got me through the first year. This year, its been less of a battle, but I've added new piston rings, head gasket, clutch cable, battery, glo-plugs, and treated myself to a new CD player.

All that stuff, for jsut two years. But then, it wasnt in great shape when I got it. More to the point, its looking like going forever now, there is nothing imediately in need of fixing or replacement. However....

I cant stop doing it. Its become a genuine obsession to really work hard at makingthis little car look, feel and drive great.

I've put in the timber rear parcel shelf and speaker shelves, added front speakers. I painted the bumpers to match the car, from grey to Carribean green. I made the Alluminium mesh grille, because the stock grille had a hole in it, and a simple cold air intake. I made a rough but I think good looking duckbill spoiler, in true mk1 golf style, from stainless steel (polished), and it now resides under the front bumper, making the car look substantially 'meaner' - should a golf look mean at all? Hmmm....and probably improving airflow a bit (its dimensions are roughly like that of the original ones....).

And still, I have more plans.......updates to come.

Are you any of the following;?

If you are...

  • A VW person (Dub-nut)
  • A friend with a cool car,
  • project car,
  • interesting car,
  •  interesting european car
  • or a someone I know with something of general mechanical interest (not bombs or anything illegal, I lke my websites free...)

Then, if your nice to me, and a little patient, and you would like your...thing..put somewhere on this website, you can ask me, and I might put it here. Just keep in mind, theres limited webspace, so the more "things" I put on here, the smaller the pictures get, to compensate.


Send me an e-mail

The newest pic. Aint she lovely?


Outside my place at Newy. Pre front spoiler, engine overhaul and Lower stress bar...

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